Thursday, May 30, 2013

Its just OK

I, for one, am so glad today is Thursday...
And everyone said... Amen!

No for real, though, it has been a short week,
and I still feel like we worked Monday.
I've had three weeks in a row where I haven't had to work Monday.
I don't know what I'm going to do when I actually get back to the longer weeks.

Is it sad that at 8 a.m. I'm already having to turn on my office fan,
because I'm already getting hot?

I know... I'm rambling.
When I'm tired, I tend to do that.
So instead of continuing my rambles,
I'll go ahead and move on to my favorite link-up.

Today I'll be linking up for It's OK

Its Ok Thursdays
It's OK
...To not want to be at work
...To dream about the baby inside your tummy that you haven't met yet
...To laugh and play with your husband
...To not like cooking on certain days
...To wish there were more hours in the day
...To be nervous about the changes coming up in the future
...To wonder how in the world you will adjust to these changes
...To dream of 30th, 40th, and 50th anniversaries with the love of your life
...To wish some friends lived closer
...To be excited about some friends coming over for dinner tonight
...To stress, a lot little, over all the things that need to be bought and done before little Addy arrives.
...To wonder how in the world we are already in the middle of 2013
...To be annoyed when people won't cooperate
...To have a very close-knit relationship with your bed (I love my bed!)
Hope everyone has a great Thursday! :)

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Oh How Pinteresting!

Can you believe it is the end of May?
I know I've mentioned this in a previous post,
but boy does time fly!
I swear I'm living in hyper speed right now.
While we haven't quite had time to make progress on my little Addy's room,
other than paint colors, I have had time to catch up on washing clothes,
cleaning bathrooms, and grocery shopping.
Thankfully that is all done for the week.
I also got a project started where I made an excel sheet,
and put in the grocery items we buy.
I'll get into more detail with that on anther day.
Before OHP, I wanted to share some pics from Friday night.
I didn't have my camera cord to put them on the computer yesterday.
My smexy husband in his new
Columbia Shirt :)

19 weeks & 3 days

Mr. & Mrs. Dixon

Kisses for the hubby! onto OHP!
Hope you all have a great Wednesday! :)

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Grocery Shopping Time

I don't know about the rest of you,
but I was so not ready for the weekend to end!
I was enjoying hanging out with friends,
spending time with my husband,
and doing a little bit of nothing here and there.
However, all good things must come to an end,
and the work week is here once more.
With it comes the menu making and grocery shopping.
Initially, I was making a menu/ grocery list for every two weeks.
However, we got all kind of thrown off when my husband started his new job,
and began getting paid opposite weeks of me.
Since then we've just been buying weekly,
and I'm finding I like it a whole lot better.
So grocery shopping every week isn't fun,
but It keeps me from wanting to pull my hair out,
and I feel like we are saving money.
I'm not shopping expert by no means,
and coupons are totally beyond me, though I do try to look for some.
However, I say I feel like we are saving for a couple of reasons...
1. I look for sales at Publix
Publix has a lot of "Buy 1 Get 1" and "2 for $5 or $6" sales.
I try to pay close attention to those when I'm planning my menu.
Sometimes I don't find the things I need on sale,
And sometimes all I buy is sale items.
This way I have double.
For example, last week they had fish sticks on sale B1G1.
I planned fish sticks as one of our Fast & Easy Wednesday meals because of church.
I only plan my menu's until Sunday, because generally I will go shopping on Monday.
Since yesterday was a Holiday, grocery shopping wasn't in the plan.
So what did we do for lunch?
We ate the second pack of those fish sticks #Save!
2. I Plan Dinners for Every Night of the Current Week
A lot of times, we will get invited over to my parents,
and I'll just bring a side dish.
Then there are times we will go out during the weekend for dinner.
Which means, there were one or two meals that I planned that wasn't cooked.
When this happens, I can generally push these meals over into the next week,
and that means less to buy for the next shopping trip. #Save!
3. I TRY to Plan for Lunches
Since my husband is now at a job where he has to pack a lunch every day,
I try to plan some kind of lunch/snack combo for him and for myself.
This way we aren't eating out every day or every other day.
Eating out, even though I enjoy it, gets pricey.
So a few weeks ago I bought a big pack of crackers (we still have a lot left over),
and made a big bowl of tuna for the week.
This way he could dip out of it over the next four or five days.
As a back up I had his favorite lunch meat, just in case he wanted to change it up.
I buy a big bag of the To-Go chips, (they last about 2 weeks).
Then if some snack items are on sale, I'll get those.
For example, last week Publix had the To-Go Applesauce packs on sale 3 for five or six dollars.
I bought those, and we still have some for this week.
I plan some lunches for me, like the Veggies steamers and such,
but because of where I work, I can take left overs from dinner the previous night,
if I want, and can warm it up.
So again... #Save!
Some people probably argue that I'm not actually saving.
And to that I'll just have to say its a matter of opinion
Here's what My Menus and Grocery List look like this week!

Grilled pork chops (took them out to thaw yesterday)
Mashed Potatoes (pretty sure I still have some at home)
Green Beans (fresh from our garden that we picked, blanched, and bagged yesterday)
What I need to Buy:
Not a thing, unless I need some new potatoes
What I need to Buy:
Nothing, I bought it last week,
and we didn't eat it
(We are having friends over, and this stuff goes a long way)
What I need to Buy
A little extra Ground Beef
Pasta Noodles (B1G1 at Publix, which takes care of two meals)
Bell Pepper
1 small can of Spaghetti sauce (I bought a big can last week, that I didn't have to use)
Chicken and Spinach Pasta Bake
What I need to Buy:
Rigatoni (Again pasta is B1G1 at Publix)
Philly Chive and Onion Cream Cheese
Mozzarella (Maybe... I think I have some at home already)
Mac & Cheese
Field Peas
What I need to Buy:
Nothing, I already have it all from a couple of previous shopping trips
and missed meals
BBQ Meatballs
Lima Beans
What I need to Buy:
Meatballs (B1G1 at Publix = 2 meals)
That is it for Dinner.
The rest of the items on my grocery list either are things for lunches and snack or
household items that need replenishing (zip lock bags, toilet paper, etc.)
I am actually pretty proud of myself on my menu planning.
My mom told me I should put one together for her,
and I actually might, once I find out what kind of meat they have/buy.
I generally plan my meals around what meat I have already on hand.
What does your Menu and Shopping list look like?
Let me know if you have any dinner ideas! :)


Friday, May 24, 2013

Thankful for Little Heartbeats

Yesterday was an exciting day,
but not in a good way.
Today I find myself being extremely thankful.
I went to lunch with my mother yesterday, who asked if I'd been feeling if I'd been our little Addy moving a lot. A little startled, I told her no, that I hadn't been feeling her move and the last time I THOUGHT I felt her move was, maybe Friday or Saturday.  I asked if that was normal and she told me that she wasn't sure, maybe I should just call and ask the nurse.
So I called the Doctor's office. The receptionist told me she could put a message into the nurse. So I told her how far along I was, what was going on, the whole gist. After a minute she told me that she had put a message into the nurse high priority!
That pretty much freaked me out. I just wanted to ask the nurse a question, I wasn't expecting this "High Priority", which sounds totally alarming to me.
Anyways, she told me to expect a call pretty quickly. Well I got a call back ten minutes later, from the same woman, telling me the Mid-wife had seen the message and wants me to come on in as soon as I can after lunch.
Now I'm completely flipping, scared out of my mind. You don't' mean to go to worst case scenario, but being called into the doctor, out of the blue, when you just had a question, puts your emotions into high gear and worst case scenario front in your mind. 
Of course, God has blessed me with an awesome support group. My mom, being there with me when I got the call back, told me right then that she'd leave work and meet me there at the time I had to go in. Not only did my mom meet me there, but my dad left work, picked up my husband from the work site he was at, and they both met me there as well.
When we got back into the room, my mid-wife was easy breezy. I seriously love her, and would recommend her to anyone, because she just genuinely cares.  You can tell she absolutely loves her job. She calls the baby punkin, its so cute!
She put that little monitor to my tummy and found the baby's heartbeat within seconds. I'm not ashamed to say that I cried. After being completely freaked out about having to come in, hearing my baby girl's heartbeat going ninety-to-nothing, not to mention the little "thunks" proving that she is indeed moving around in there, was the sweetest sound I'd ever heard.
My doctor told me that my little Addy was still hanging pretty low around the pubic bones, lower than most babies who are this far along. Not that it was bad, just that she must like it down there, and since I have a longer torso Addy can still do that. She also told me, something I thought was totally cool, was that if I tried to push on my tummy to get her to move, or if daddy or Nana or pap (people She/I are around the most), then she is less likely to move. Because she knows us. She said if you put something like the monitor or a belt or sash on, its unfamiliar to her, and she'll kick it.
I can't even begin to express the feelings I felt yesterday. All I know is that I'm thankful for the little heartbeat that sounded in that room. My doctor, being the awesome lady that she is, let me record it so I could take it home, and gave me the option to keep my appointment coming up next week, just so I could go back and hear it and be reassured.
So thankful for my support group, for a doctor who genuinely cares, for a God who is always there, and for the little heartbeat inside my tummy. It is amazing how you can love someone so much already, and you haven't even met them yet.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

It's OK... To Love Kisses

I'm a little on the tired side today.
I know, right? Big shocker there!
Because I'm never tired...#NoteSarcasm

I'm so glad it is Thursday,
which means just one more long work day,
after I get through today,
until I can sleep in!

Yesterday, I went on a little ramble of life being too fast and short,
and cherishing the moments and memories, etc.
This morning I took the time to smile
as I thought about how my husband comes and wakes me up every morning,
He'll give me a kiss, tell me he loves me, and sometimes, if he has the time,
he will just hold me for a minute.
Though I'm half asleep, he'll just hold me, wishes me to have a good day,
and then he'll give me another kiss goodbye.

I know a lot of people (wives) would probably get mad about being woken up,
especially when it isn't your time to get up, just so someone could tell you goodbye.
However, I don't mind it at all. In fact I love it!


Because my husband, of nearly two years, is still taking time out of his routine,
HIS time, to come in there to ME, to kiss ME, to remind me he loves ME,
to wish ME a good day....

Why wouldn't a wife want a husband to do that?
I realized this morning as I left for work and my mind began to wander over that moment,
that I really do cherish those moments (yes, even though I'm half asleep).
I thought about how I said life was too short.
Some wives wake up alone, wishing that their husband was still there to kiss them good morning, to tell them they they loved them.
Those wives would probably tell you to quit complaining, because  you might, one day, have to experience waking up alone without him.
It makes all those little things, even the annoying things, all the more precious,
when you think of it like that.

Its Ok Thursdays
It's OK
...To wake up ready to go back to bed
...To be woken up by kisses
...That I seriously thought about stopping by the store for a Thirst Buster
...That I've been seriously lazy in the makeup department lately. (Just enough to be presentable has been my motto)
...To wish that you could eat whatever you want, without consequences
...To love my new running shoes my husband bought me on our trip (Not that I'll be doing much running until after the baby, but still)
... To be excited about my sister staying over tomorrow night
...To miss my little monkey's in TN (wish they were closer)
... That I cried when I thought about all of the things my daughter will have to face as she grows up (I'll be one praying mama, I'll tell ya that)
...To be so excited to start a family with the love of my life and my best friend
...To already feel like I need another vacation
...That Chic Fil A is tempting me today (gah)
...To sometimes miss the days when I had all the time in the world to workout (at 9 pm at night after I had a nap...*sigh* those were the days)
...To have your moments of irrationality while you are pregnant.
...To KNOW that you are being irrational and not being able to help it (Thank you hormones)
...To laugh at pictures from the past (What were we thinking?!? LOL)
Hope everyone has a great Thursday! :)

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

OHP: A Little Bit of This and That

I don't know why it surprises me how fast time flies.
Every year it just seems to go by a little bit faster than the last.
I mean, we are coming up on the end of May!!!
I will be celebrating the birth of my child in less than 5 months from now.
Then my two year anniversary in 6 months.
Before you know it, it will be New Years Eve... again!
It makes me want to pull in all of my family and friends,
and hold them close.
To cherish every moment, and not take one single memory for granted.
Life is busy, and we are usually busy bee's,
rushing through each day.
I highly doubt that will every change, because life is just that crazy.
However, I do hope to take little bits of time out of my day,
just to make sure my family knows how much they mean to me,
to make sure my husband knows just how much I love him.
I suggest you do the same... don't waste one precious second!
I'm not sure where that all came from....
What I really wanted to talk about, to begin with, was about
my dinner that I made last night!
I found a recipe on Pinterest, of course, called
Chicken Parmesan Casserole...
And Oh My Goodness was it yummy!

 Needless to say, I will so be making this again!!
Click here for the recipe.
It called for red pepper flakes, which I didn't have,
so instead I used a little bit of Cajun seasoning.
I also couldn't find the plain Garlic croutons,
so I just used the Cheese Garlic instead.
But I'm pretty sure you can substitute any croutons and it will be just as good. onto OHP

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Back to Reality

I have to say, coming back to reality, after three days of bliss, is extremely hard.
Can I get an Amen?!?
My husband and I headed off to Destin Saturday morning for a little weekend getaway,
something we have been saving up for months for.
We chilled at the Beach, ate some yummy food, chilled by the pool,
ate some more yummy food, took a nap, another round of yummy food....
So obviously we ate really, really good!
Seriously, though, we didn't do a whole lot, as far as attractions or whatever.
We mainly just went down there to relax, and do as little as possible,
which I consider mission accomplished.
We stayed at the Sandestin Resort, which was massive by the way.
I keep emphasizing this to my parents and sister, because it was seriously HUGE!
It was super nice to have my husband all to myself,
and I'm actually really sad to be back, where I actually have to share him with the world!
Can we get a vacation from the vacation, please?
As soon as we got home, we jumped right back into the thick of things,
unpacking, washing clothes, cleaning up, etc.
We didn't get to bed until nearly midnight, which explains why I'm uber tired today!
Sorry about the super short, vague post, but again I'm too tired
to put what little energy I have into this post.
Make it up to you tomorrow! :)
Here are a few pictures from our time off! :)
The Beach was Gorgeous!

Heading out to Osaka's!

Obviously I don't belong in a fancy resort,
because I so used the art as a clothes line! :)

My good lookin' hubby!

View from our balcony

Baby Bump 18 weeks

The Grand Hotel across the Bay

The beach at sunset!

Surfin' the shore ;)

I buried his legs he-he

He kind of looks pitiful!

Friday, May 17, 2013

It's the Little Blessings

Sometimes it is the little things that make you realize how truly blessed you are.
This week I have come to realize, through all the negative,
through all the insecurities,
through all the things that can and do go wrong,
through all of the rough and tumble times,
I am truly one blessed woman.
As I have already stated, sometimes it takes the smallest of things to help you realize how blessed you are.
With that said, I'm sending out a few Thank You's!
First I want to thank one of my co-workers and walking buddies!
I made a joke while we were walking one day that  I was going to steal the fan from his office.
He comes to me that afternoon with a medium, green fan.
He went to our facilities guy at work and got a fan just for me to put in my office!
Thanks so much Elvin. It sure has come in handy after our walks!
Next I want to thank my worship leader and friend.
She came in Wednesday night with a little pink bag.
She'd gotten my little Addy a gift!
Thank you Heather!
Like we talked about in our Young adult class,
You never know what a small gift to someone can mean!

Next is another young mother from our church,
someone I have known my entire life, and greatly admire her strength!
I can't imagine having to go through all that she has with her daughter.
Both her and her husband are such an inspiration.
After Church Wednesday, she gave me a whole bag of stuff.
Again, I can't express how much this means!
Thank you Erica and Fred so much!
(Erica has great taste in clothes haha) ;)
I want to thank my mother who is also my bestest friend!
Before we even knew what the baby was, she went and bought
 the babies first camo, that could go for either a little boy or girl
 (at least in our opinion lol)

Last, but definitely not the least, I want to thank my Husband!
He's been right there with me through my emotional roller coaster moments,
my exhaustion,
my tears,
my moodiness.
And he'll be right there with me as we go through the next few months of making
the necessary changes to our little home so it will be ready for Addy.
And he'll be there with me groaning over his wallet as we spend all kinds of money on our little princess :D

Thank you all for all of the LITTLE things you do! :)


Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Liebster Blog Award

I was totally surprised and ecstatic when Jessica @ Better Together and Forever
nominated me for a Liebster Blog Award!
I don't believe I've ever participated in one of these, and feel so honored
to have been nominated by a blogger whose blog I seriously enjoy reading.
The Liebster award is for bloggers who have less than 200 followers,
and whom is seen to be an up-and-coming blogger! :)
So here is how it works...

1.List 11 random facts about yourself
2.  Answer 11 Questions Jessica wrote for me
3. Nominate 11 other bloggers
4. Create 11 Questions for my nominees
5.  Display the Liebster Award Badge
11 Random Facts About Me
1. I'm terrible at math... I plan on leaving the math homework to my husband when our little Addy gets big enough to have homework and need help.
2. I can't eat plain veggies. They have to be seasoned and/or have something on them like ranch, get the drift.
3. I HATE huge bows on little girls. When I see a massive bow on some poor little girls head I just want to snatch it off. I used to tell my SIL that I was going to have a bow burning party for her little girl, to spare her the future neck pain LOL.
4. I dated (and was engaged for a short time) to my husbands best friend a few years before we got together. The funny thing was, he and I hit it off as friends better than his best friend and I did. I remember the first longest conversation we had face to face was about the Golden Girls Show :D
5. I'm totally best friends with my mom. I can call her for just about anything and one of my favorite past times is hanging out with her and my sister. That is generally my girl time while my husband hunts or fishes.
6. I'm a total snuggler in bed. When my husband and I go to sleep, If I'm not right up under him, then there is some portion of my body touching his. Some days I don't know how he sleeps with me.
7. I hate the way barbies look now. I played with barbies as a little girl (when I wasn't outside with the boys building forts int he woods), and to me Barbie today just don't do the old one's justice.
8. I still like watching the old cartoons. Bugs bunny, Rugrats, the OLD Scooby Doo, Doug; you name it and I could so watch it right now and enjoy it... But not the new crap they call cartoons today. I personally think they suck!
9. I still think about my old doggie, misty. We had her for probably thirteen years, if not longer, and someone killed her when I was around sixteen or so. She was the sweetest dog ever, and to this day I want another Golden Retriever. (But I love my little spaniel/blue tick I have now, she's precious!)
10. My husband generally has better nails than I do. Sad, I know. But for some reason my nails just don't grow and when they do, they break. Pregnancy has given me the very itsy, bitsy perk of having great looking nails.
11. I am totally T-Terrified of bugs (spiders, roaches, anything with creepy crawly legs). I nearly have panic attacks when one decides to attack me (which they usually do), and don't usually think rationally when trying to get rid of them quickly.
Jessica's Questions
1. Who do you consider your hero?
I definitely have to say my parents. They have been so strong through some of the toughest circumstances, and somehow still have faith through it all. They are some pretty amazing and loving parents. I couldn't have asked for any better!
2. If you could be given any gift, what would it be?
I would want the gift of having great finances. I'm the kind of person, that if I'm able to give you money or go buy something or whatever, I would do it in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, I haven't been blessed with having that kind of money, but anytime I have something extra, I want to go out of my way to do something for someone else, especially when I know they need it.
3. What was the last film that really moved/disturbed/thrilled you, and why?
The new Hansel and Gretal was pretty disturbing. My husband and I went a month or two back and watched it in theatre's. The witches in that movie where the ugliest things I've ever seen... It was pretty weird.
4. What is your favorite TV show of all time?
Supernatural!!!! I'm the biggest fan, and that will be probably the ONLY TV show that I buy all the series of. I already have seasons 1-4... I'm kind of behind on the others, but I usually wait until the seasons are on sale. I got season three and four for ten bucks a piece during a Christmas sale! :)
5.What is the worst/most embarrassing CD/Album you've ever owned and do you still have it?
I guess mine would be Phantom of the Opera, though I'm not really embarrassed of it myself. I'm pretty sure my husband would say it is embarrassing, though. I still have the music on my Ipod, and still love listening to it and watching the movie!
6.If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation, where would it be and who would it be with?
That's tough, because there are so many places I want to go, but I would have to say Italy. I would tour every inch of it and see all the amazing places there. And I would take My husband, sister, mom, and daddy (though I'm not sure my dad would enjoy it unless he could hunt or fish somewhere there lol)
7. If you could have any animal/creature, what would your ultimate pet be?
I am the biggest nerd, but I would want a pet owl LOL. I loved Hedwig off Harry Potter, and then seen some other owls at this one place in Gatlinburg, TN and just fell even more in love.
8. What was your favorite toy as a child?
My scooter... I think. It was pretty wicked awesome, and I thought I was some hot stuff riding around my Grandma's daycare parking lot!
9.What are you afraid of?
BUGS! Me and little creepy critters of any kind are NOT friends!
10. If you could pick any other first and middle name for yourself, what would it be and why?
I used to not like my name so very much when I was younger. Rebekah just wasn't a cool name. However, as I grew up the name has grown on me. I was named after my mother, and I like to think that somehow her name might rub off on me a little so that I might become the woman she is. I think she's pretty awesome. As far as a middle name... I've always like the name Grace, but I'm picky about how names sound together, so Rebekah Grace just wouldn't work.
11. If you won the lottery (1 million dollars), what would you do with the money?
I was told to be honest, and the truth is... I would buy me and my husband a nice, not to fancy pants, house with good acreage, pay off the rest of my mom and dad's mortgage, and then take the entire family on a vacation to wherever, like my memaw and pop did when I was young.
Questions for My Nominees
1. What do you feel is your biggest accomplishment so far?
2. If you had to sell yourself to someone, how would you describe yourself?
3. How long have you been blogging, and what got you started?
4. What was the biggest argument about that you have had with your spouse/boyfriend/or parents?
5. What has been that one moment in your life that you new changed you for forever?
6. If you could indulge yourself with one thing, what would it be?
7. Would you rather have hard copy books or electronic?
8. If you could be another person for an entire day, who would it be and why?
9. Who was your favorite character out of Harry Potter, if you were a fan?
10. What has been your favorite Halloween costume that you've worn in the past?
11. If someone gave you ten thousand dollars to go skydiving once, would you do it?
I Nominate...
Okay, so there ya go!
Thank you again Jessica for nominating me!
It was fun answering all the questions and going through my reading list,
to find those other blogs I truly enjoy reading!
Good Luck Everyone!

Sometimes, It just has to be OK

My heart is heavy today.
Last night my family and I found out that Hospice
 was called in for a dear friend of my mothers,
and great, Godly lady.

She's was told she had cancer over a year back.
She had surgery to remove it, and was told she was good to go.
Except she never truly got better.
Come to find out that the doctor didn't do his job properly,
And the cancer was terminal.
Even with treatment, they didn't give her very long,
so she chose to fore go the treatment.

My church along with many others have been praying for her healing.
We haven't heard the results we've wanted,
and even when the doctors telling her she may only have a matter of days left,
we are still believing.

When I got the news last night, I began to pray.
As I prayed, I remembered what God spoke in his word...

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:
A time to be born, and a time to die... ~Ecclesiastes 3:1-2

I know God has a plan and purpose to everything.
I may not understand it, and at times, I may not even like it,
but he still has a plan.

However, I also remember another scripture.

Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock,
and it shall be opened unto you: For every one that asketh receiveth;
And he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.
~Matthew 7:7-8

Again, God has a plan, and what we ask for may not be a part of his perfect will.
However, I also know that prayer changes things.
He said it in Matthew... ask, and it shall be given you!

I've seen prayer change things.
Sis. Trish, I mentioned her long ago in a post,
who was diagnosed with cancer at our church, went through the entire treatment,
and came out of it cancer free with her long hair still intact
 (something most people lose).

Both are God-fearing women.
Both have dedicated their life to God.
Both have sacrificed and would give the very shirt off their back.

So why should one come through cancer-free,
while the other is now sitting in ICU,
the doctors predicting very little time left for her?

Naturally, I want to ask God why?
Why do these things happen to such good people;
To people whose entire lives have been lived for Him?

I have no answers for that myself.
If I did, I would give them to the family to comfort them in this time of
questioning, of hanging in the balance and waiting to see what God will do.
All I have is my faith, that God's ultimate, perfect plan
is bigger than what I can see or understand.

My father and I have discussed so many times how, as Believers,
we are not exempt from the bad things in life.
We have to go through them and endure them just like everyone else.
We are no better than those who do not believe in God or put their faith in Him.
We just have something to keep us, to hold to, to ease and comfort us
when we do have to go through such dark times.

My prayers are with the Hamilton Family,
as something akin to Family myself, I hurt with them,
and long for God to work miraculously through her healing.
I will keep praying and believing.
God is still able, I have no doubt.
However, I ask that you remember God's plan, the one we may not comprehend,
should he decide to take her home.
The Earth may lose an amazing, inspiring, and wonderful wife/mother/friend
and precious Christian lady.
But Heaven will have gained an Angel like no other.

God Bless...
Its Ok Thursdays
It's OK
...To wonder why things happen
...To question God's purpose because we don't understand
...To keep believing in God, even through such difficult times
...To be reminded how important it is to not take one day, one hour, one minute
or second for granted
...To remember that life is too short to not to love, to give, to care, to be a friend
...To let go of the trivial things, because, again, life is too short to hold onto
anger, malice, envy, etc.
...To aspire to be a woman such as Sis. Hamilton, someone who knew how to
give, love and what sacrifice truly was
...To ask God for things, because he said to in his word
I know that this wasn't my usual, happy post.
However, I hope that it helps someone who maybe
is going through something similar.
Maybe you don't understand...
Maybe you need to be reminded of God's promise,
and to accept God's plan and purpose, even though it may hurt.
Just remember that God truly does love each and every one of you,
and he isn't here to cause pain, but to ease it.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Princess Pinterest

I'm exhausted today for some odd reason.
I mean I went to bed at 10:30-ish,
and I still had the hardest time getting myself up and out of bed this morning.
I'm also losing my mind.
I have my mother's memory anyways,
(No offense Mom, love you)
and Pregnancy isn't making it any better.
For starters, as I was telling my mom this morning, 
I nearly went to work in my slippers the other day.
Twice, on two different days, I've had my work keys in my hand,
thought they were my car keys, I guess, and locked myself out of the house.
And then, I had to call my mom this morning
 to see if she would go back to my house
and check to make sure I didn't leave my flat iron plugged in, because
I honestly can't remember if I unplugged it or not.
I'm losing it for real....
So, as you all know from my exciting post yesterday,
I'm expecting a little princess; Miss Addison.
Of course, knowing for sure what I'm having,
I done what any other mother would have done....
I went straight to pinterest to Pin my little heart out!
Which works out perfectly because today is Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday! :) 
Hope everyone has a great Wednesday!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice

That's what little girls are made of,
and what I will be giving birth to come October!

Yep, you read right!
I'm having a little Addison!
I can't even begin to express how excited I am.
Of course, I would have been excited either way,
I just wanted to know for sure what we were having.

Yesterday we had our ultrasound done,
and my mommy and daddy were able to join us.
My little Addy was quite the wiggle worm for her pictures.
She rolled and put her hands in front of  her face...

There we were expecting a boy and surprise,
we got another little princess!
She is gonna be one tough, little redneck princess, though!

After the appointment was over,
my husband took me straight to Babies R Us and Target.
I just wanted to buy SOMETHING!
So I ended up finding 3 cute little outfits and my husband found a blanket he liked!
(pictures to come)

Anyways, needless to say, we are all pretty excited.
Wade and I decided on the name Addison Emmalee a few weeks back,
just in case we did have a girl..

Now I get to start working on the room and buying all kinds of cute little girl stuff!

My sister and I are already on top of the baby room,
and I've already found the crib bedding that I want!
Can you tell I'm excited? :D

Friday, May 10, 2013

He or She?!?

So on Monday I FINALLY find out what my little Appleseed will be.
I cannot begin to express how excited I am about it!
As I've stated in previous posts, I've done really good with not buying anything...
And when I say anything I mean NOTHING, at all!
Obviously, I'm dying to!!
Anyways, since my appointment is at 10 a.m. Monday morning,
I've decided I would go ahead and do a Gender Predictions post,
since I'm not usually on the computer at all over the weekend.
I actually got the idea from Laurie @ The Rookie Wife.
I read it before I got pregnant and it was such a cute post
that it just stayed stuck in my mind even after I got pregnant!
So I thought it would be fun to do something similar! :)
High or Low
The infamous "they" say that if you are carrying low it is a boy
and if it are carrying high it is a girl.
I'm not sure how to tell, since I don't feel like
 I'm far enough along to be able to say whether I'm  high or low.
However, I've had someone tell me I am carrying high, so we will just go with that...
Baby's Heartbeat
"They" say that if the baby's heartbeat is over 140 beats per minute you expect a girl. If it is less that 140 you are having a boy. Last time the baby's heartbeat was in the mid 150's.
"They" say that if you are craving sweet things like chocolate then you are having a girl. If you would rather have something salty or sour, then you are having a boy. I've craved salty/sour things from the beginning.
Round and Rosy?
"They" say that  if your face gets full and rosy during your pregnancy then you are having a girl. I don't feel like I've gained any weight in my face. So...
Breast Friends
"They" say that if you look at your girls and the right is bigger, then expect a little boy. If your left is bigger it is a girl. I was kind of confused about this because I've read that it was the opposite of that as well. However, I looked up several sites and read more sites where if the right breast was larger then it is a boy. So I'll stick with that.
Tummy Yuckies
"They" say if you experience nausea or sickness then you are having a girl. If you didn't experience this, then it is a boy. I was nauseous the first 11 or 12 weeks.
Soft or Dry
"They" say if your hands have been more dry since pregnancy expect a boy. My hands I feel like have been more dry than soft.
Sleeping on Sides
"They" say that if you prefer sleeping on your left side expect a boy. If you prefer sleeping on your right, then you are having a girl.
Moody Much?
"They" say if you are experiencing mood swings, expect a girl. I have my days where I'm extra emotional, but I don't feel like I'm having mood swings.
Adult Acne
"They" say if your crazy, altering, pregnancy hormones break you out, then expect a little pink bundle.
Even and Odd
"They" say if your age and year of conception is both even or odd, expect a girl. If one is odd and one is even then you will have a little boy. I am 24 and my conception year is 2013.
Stressing It.
"They" say that the baby's sex tends to be the same as the parent who is less stressed at the time at the time of conception. I'm not sure who was more or less stressed at that time...We have both been on our stressed game since the new year lol.
Dream On
"They" say that if you dream of a boy then you will have a girl and vice versa. I've dreamed of a little boy.
Chinese Gender Chart
They have a chart where you find your age of conception and your month of conception and they predict whether or not you will have a boy or a girl. I was 23 and I conceived in January.
 Girl = 6
Boy= 7
 We will find out for sure on Monday! :)

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Today, Its OK

I'm in a much better mood today than I was yesterday.
Generally my Wednesday's are pretty good...
Long and boring, but good.
However, every once in a while a really crummy Wednesday sneaks up on me.
That was what yesterday was.

No I'm just thanking God that its over and I am one day closer to the weekend!
I'm excited about this weekend.

I hope everyone has a great Thursday today.
I am determined to do so,
even though there are a million things I need to do once I get home,
and I forgot to take the meat out for supper.

Oh well...

Today I'll be linking up for Its OK!
Its Ok Thursdays
It's OK
...To not want to eat what you brought to work for lunch
...To be a total slacker this week.
...To miss my husband (I feel like I've barely gotten to see him all week and we LIVE together!)
...To miss my sister (I don't see her enough anymore)
...To already want a diet coke (It's only 8:40 a.m.)
...That I'm dying to find out what my baby is going to be (3 more days!)
...To already have taken off work Monday to go directly to town after leaving the Doctor's office :)
...That I'm ready to go to Destin already with my husband!
...That I've been contemplating making both of us turn off our cell phones for at least that first day we are at Destin (we need some one-on-one time, without a connection to the outside world or reality)
...That I might actually get to have lunch with someone today (My Mommy, which makes me super happy!)
...To be tired of eating alone in your office every. stinkin'. day.
...To miss having people to socialize with while I'm working (I miss working at TCC as an Ambassador, it was busy and I could still socialize)
...To hate payroll weeks every once in a while (for some reason some people don't understand the notion of getting it all done EARLY #smh)
...To love payroll weeks on those rare occasions where people actually grasp that concept.
...That I'm already looking forward to some grub at lunch :)

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

OHP Funnies

So today I'm a little bit of a grouchy pants...
I had a bad night trying to sleep (tossing and turning), already,
then I wake up at 3:30 a.m. to go potty and my dog keeps barking outside my window...
So by 4:15-ish I had to get up, go outside and call her to tell her to shut the heck up!
Then I couldn't get back to sleep, and THEN she started barking again.
We nearly had dog meat for dinner today, just sayin'.
Point being... I didn't get a whole lot of sleep,
and I woke up with the headache I fell asleep with.
Obviously, I need something to make me laugh at the moment...
So today will be OHP Funnies!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Color Crazy!

I'm going to ramble just for a minute,
before I get into the main reason for this post!
I cut my hair back in October/November (something like that),
and I was just looking back to pictures of before I got married,
and how long my hair was,
and how PRETTY it actually looked....
And Now I'm like what the heck was I thinking cutting it?
I mean it was high maintenance, which can be a pain,
but so prettiful...
And now I am back in the waiting stage of growing it back...
I'm not a patient person!
Okay, sorry for the rant, but there ya go!
So today I've been playing around with colors for the baby's room!
I think I have like three or four palettes for if its a girl and only one for if it's a boy LOL.
That's sad I know, but I already know, for sure, the theme I want to go with if it is a little Wade.
Picking color's for if it is a girl, though...!
And I found myself leaning towards two or three colors in every palette,
which is just sad.
Here are the color palettes I came up with

We are going with a Nautical/Popeye theme if it's a boy,
so I chose this Color Palette
This was one of the first Palettes I put together for a little girl, simple but cute!

As you can tell I'm in love with Coral, so I just stuck with the coral,
and went with some more muted, softer colors.

Then I tried something with a little bigger pop of color.
I'm still doing Nautical stripes whether boy or girl on one wall,
the colors just may change lol.
So I've narrowed down the colors that I want.
Now I'm just going to get my hubby's input,
And after next Monday, we can start putting the room together! :)

5 for Five

Today is a new day!
Ive gotten up, gotten dressed,
got me a sausage biscuit and BIG diet coke,
and I'm nearly awake!

No for real, I'm awake.
I didn't sleep-drive to work Ha!

I find myself in a very grateful mood this morning.
I woke up to my husband beside me
(He is usually already gone to work by the time i get up, but he was off today).
I woke up alive, because you know you can't wake up dead,
(High-Five to all my Scary Movie 3 Fans LOL)
I have a little Appleseed in my Tummy who is growing
(maybe a little too much... Thank God for stretchy pants and great friends who give them to you in your time of need)
I have such a wonderful family; from my family to my husbands family.

Really, what do I have to complain about?

Sometimes it takes getting through those rough times,
to truly make you appreciate the good times,
and how good your life is.

So, lets get down to this weeks goals! :)


Last Weeks Goals

1. Clean Bathroom
Last week felt so long, that I actually couldn't remember if I'd accomplished this or not
(That's just sad)

2. Finish Photo Essay

3. Work on my Crochet 

4. Do something active AT LEAST 3x
5.Move My Husbands Shoes into the bedroom

I really should probably give up on moving my husband's shoes! LOL
However, I have a new motivation to get it done,
because we find out ONE week from tomorrow what little Appleseed will be,
which means that I can start buying stuff and decorating the room! Yay!!!

Sorry for the ramble...

New Goals

1. Clean Bathroom (Again!)
2. Put up laundry and organize closet

3. Work on cleaning out Baby room
4. Do something active AT LEAST 3x

5. Move the Husbands shoes into the bedroom


What goals do you want to accomplish this week?!

Oh and don't forget to Vote on What little Appleseed will be!! 
(on the right under the Follow me Section) :)

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Its OK

I am so glad today is Thursday.
I feel like the Little Engine that Could...

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can..
Just one more day, Just one more day, Just one more day....

I'm ready to get this week over and jump into the next two weeks so...
A. I can find out what my baby will be and buy something, darn it!
B. Leave for three days with my goose to Destin for a nice little getaway.

I'm trying to be patient, but I've always been horrible at patience.

Today I'll be linking up for Its OK!
Its Ok Thursdays
It's OK
...To want something other than water (I drink a lot of water, so I reward myself with diet cokes)
...To have your off days where everything gets to you
...To hit the snooze button two, three... okay five times (but its still OK)
...To be sad that I only seen my husband for a total of an hour and a half (maybe) before he went to sleep (poor thing is exhausted)
...That I want to raffle off my stupid dog at the golf tournament this Saturday
...To believe whole heartily, that girl dogs are just smarter (at least mine is)
...That I'm ready to go buy baby stuff! (I've done really good so far and have bought nothing!)
...To already be tired and want a nap
...To consider spending money and going out for lunch just so I don't have to sit in my office
...To wish I had a big Thirst Buster right now
...That I still have 24 weeks left in this pregnancy

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Love, Commitment, and Marriage

You grow up knowing that things in life don't come easily, not even marriage.
My parents were pretty real with my siblings and I.
I saw them get mad at each other and make up. I saw the days where they barely spoke to each other, and the days where they couldn't seem to stop touching.
I knew when going into marriage that there would be good and bad days.

When Wade and I first got married, it was easy.
We compromised pretty smoothly.
We worked well together and got along living with each other without too much fuss.
However, I knew when we reached that point where the "honey-moon" was beginning to fade.
I'm pretty sure he felt it too...
Not that I'm still not completely in love with my husband.
Not that I don't still want to spend time with him and hold his hand.
Not that don't still want to fall asleep next to him at night.

Everything just isn't as easy and fuss-free as it used to be. 
I won't lie and say the last couple of months have been easy.
To be honest, there were days that we went to sleep mad at each other.
There were days where it felt like all we done was argue.
And there were days I would cry myself quietly to sleep, wondering why we'd even argued.
Again, you grow up knowing these things happen.
But hearing about it or seeing it from another couples isn't quite the same as facing it yourself.
Through all that my husband and I have been through the past few months, I've learned something....
.....That I'm even more in love with him now than when I said I do......
How is that possible, you ask?
Because the last year and five months....
I've went to bed and woke up beside him.
We've laughed together and cried together.
We've struggled with finances and snuggled up on the couch with a movie we have watched a gazillion times because we didn't have any money to go out.
We've gotten mad at each other and made up.
We've made some tough decisions and got through them together.
We've both worried and wondered and prayed.
He's been my shoulder to cry on, and he's held me after fights.
He's made me smile, even on those days I find it the hardest.
He's worked his tail off to make sure our bills, gas, food, etc. is covered.
Marriage isn't supposed to be easy all of the time, if that was the case the divorce ratio would be a lot better.
When you make a commitment to someone, it shouldn't be just in the good times or when that person is at their best.
Commitment means sticking it out when everything seems its darkest.
It means arguing and being a big enough person to eventually just let it go.
It means accepting that neither of you are perfect.
It means facing the storms side by side and coming out on the other side together.

Last night my husband and I got to talking about some of the things we'd heard from other couples, the things on the Internet (like the website made specifically for spouses who want to find someone to cheat with...), and just the world we live in, in general.

I honestly teared up thinking about it.

We live in a world where the value of marriage has dropped significantly.
If you don't like it, hey you can divorce that one and get another one.

We live in a world where adultery is common and almost a "no big" now days.

We live in a world where commercials should now be rated R...

To me...this is not okay .
And I hope I raise my kid to realize that this stuff isn't okay .
It may be generally accepted now days,
but it is not accepted or  okay for this family.

I'm thankful for my husband and for the Godly convictions that he has all on his own.
I'm thankful that he is someone I can trust.
I'm thankful that in the morning I walk into the kitchen and find his Bible open where he was reading it before he left for work.

This is going to sound old school, and that is okay as well, because I truly feel that is important.

Wives... if you love your husband, pray for him.
Pray for him on his job, pray for his day, pray that the Lord's protection always be with him.
Pray for your marriage, because it isn't always easy, and the "feeling" may not always be there.
However, whether or not you are feeling the love for your spouse at a specific moment, the commitment should always be present, and that makes the love last.

It was easy to love in the beginning, because it was all new.
You loved doing things for one another and loved spending time together.
You loved holding hands and touching.
Never forget why you loved doing those things...
Nearly two years later and I still will fix my husband's plate and have a glass of tea ready for him when he comes home...not because I'm just a homey, good little house wife, but because I love him,
and I just want to make a little piece of his day easier.
Nearly two years later and he still holds me in the bed at night just the way I like it (with both arms wrapped around me), not because I ask him, but just because he knows I like it.

We have had our rough days.
And even after those rough days, I know that I would still walk back down that aisle to him and say I do all over again.
I loved him before that moment, but when I made that commitment, it became something more than just a feeling, and something that would make that feeling last even on those days I'm not quite feeling it.

I love you, husband.
Thank you for all of your sacrifices,
for working so hard,
for putting up with my bad days,
and laughing with me on the good ones,
for cleaning the toilet (you know i hate it),
and helping put up the clothes,
for letting me throw my leg (or but) on you during the night,

I couldn't have asked for anyone more imperfectly perfect for me.

“As long as you remember the person who loved you, and whom you still love, then you're making love endure.” 
-Guillaume Musso