Thursday, February 28, 2013

Its OK

Hey Ya'll!

I hope everyone has been having a better week than I have.
This week has been pretty rough.
I've pretty much felt sick off and on all day, every day this week.
Baby Dixon is causing mommy to be a tiny bit miserable.

Monday night I took an hour and a half nap, not getting up until eight-thirty,
And then I went back to bed at eleven.
So that speaks about my energy levels...
What energy levels?!?

This has caused me to be a total slacker.
At work I'm focusing on trying to stay awake,
And at home I'm focusing on getting a shower and trying to stay awake...
Some nights I only make it until nine.
Then I'm hitting the sack.
Just sad...

Everyone keeps telling me that it gets better during the second trimester.
I suuree hope they are right.
Because right now, I have no motivation to do anything

I know I haven't posted my weekly update on Baby Dixon,
but I kind of just wanted to wait to post another one after my first baby appointment,
which is next March 6th (so this coming up Wednesday).
So I'll post a Baby Dixon update then.

Today, however, Its OK.
Its Ok Thursdays
It's OK
...That my tummy isn't agreeable with any part of the day (unless I'm sleeping)
...That I had a bad dream last night that scared the crapola out of me, so I got my husband to go to the bathroom with me at 1:30 this morning.
...That today is the first day in over a week that I actually look somewhat decent (the rest of the time I've been in zombie mode)
...That I'm already wanting to go back home and go to bed (not feeling good and being at work is not fun)
...That I've nearly eaten an entire jar of pickles, right by myself
...That the most I have done this week on my house is wash dishes (when I got home, I'm getting a shower and either taking a nap or going to bed for the night)
...That this week has been very emotional week
...That I hate the smell of popcorn
...That I went and bought two dozen Krispy Kreme donuts the other night (I did split them with my parents, so that's a plus right?)

Monday, February 25, 2013

5 for Five


I feel like I've accomplished a lot already this morning.
First... I got out of bed
HUGE feat there, no kidding.

Second I got dressed...
I put just enough makeup on to get by,
which means I still look like a zombie.
However, this was still a biggie.

And Third... I made it to work.
I can't even begin to explain how hard getting up out of bed, getting dressed
and getting to work is at this point in time...

It isn't even nine o'clock yet
and I'm pretty sure I could go back to sleep at my desk.
Not good...

On a more excited note,
one that I may not necessarily be showing outwardly,
My first baby appointment is 1 week and two days away!


Last weeks goals...

1. START going through desk
My husband and I done this Saturday night,
now we just need file folders for all of our bills from last year
2. Get my house in order
Thursday, the day I just couldn't get up and go to work, I completed this.
I made myself, after sleeping in, get up and start cleaning my house.
3. Eat more fruit and veggies
I worked on this, throwing in more salads while I was at work.
I didn't eat as much as I needed to, but Its a start. 

4. Do something active AT LEAST 2x
I went walking several times last week!
Yay me!
5.Crochet some more on my blanket
I did do this...
A. I was too tired at night to even pick it up
B. I realized I was nearly out of my yellow yarn.
Four out of five isn't too bad!!
Let's move on to my goals for this week.
1. Go through my shoes
Really need to start down-sizing in every area...
starting with the shoes.
2. Get File-folders for bills and put them away
I have had no motivation to do anything
3. Clean bathroom.
And get the hubby to help me
4. Do something active AT LEAST 2x
I've been doing good on this, so why stop now!
5.Crochet some more on my blanket
Now that I have my yellow yarn, I need to get my rear in gear!

What goals do you want to accomplish this week?!


Friday, February 22, 2013

Slacker Much?

I can't even begin to tell you how thrilled I am that today is Friday.
This week has felt soooo suuppperrrr lonnnggg!
I don't know if it's just me
but it has felt as if it has  dragged second by second just to torture me.
I've seriously been slacking this week.
And when I say slacking
I mean getting up, going to work, coming home, eating supper and going back to bed, slacking.
Then I get up and do the same thing the next day.
I hope what everyone keeps telling me is true about the second trimester
because I've literally been SUPER tired for the past few weeks.
I have literally done exactly that routine since last week.
And yesterday, well I couldn't even make myself get up out of bed to get to work
So I shot a text to my boss, and stayed home.
Once I felt good enough to get out of the bed
I made myself productive.
I have felt like doing NOTHING to my house lately...
Even the clothes were backed up and needing to be washed.
So Yesterday, after sleeping in,
I got up and got some very much needed cleaning done and all of the clothes washed and put up.
It was probably the most productive I've felt in two weeks.
Sad I know...
Since I've been doing nothing
I have nothing interesting to write about
So I'll do a link-up
Gotta love the link-ups!


Dear Exhaustion... I will be super glad when you are done taking over my body. I do not like the fact that by 9 pm I'm ready to hit the sack (and have frequently done just that).

Dear Nauseousness... I'm having to eat something every so often to keep you at bay, which is hard to do when you are at work and have nothing "healthy" to munch on.

Dear Oreos... You have been the bane of my existence this week, but oh so yummy!

Dear Mom... I love you like a fat kid loves oreos :)

Dear Dad... We are not naming my little boy (if we have one) Johnny Appleseed. I love you, Nut!

Dear husband... Thank you for being so patient the past few weeks. I've been so exhausted and you have been putting up with me going to sleep before you each night and the lack of energy to keep our house clean and clothes washed. You are the best!

Dear FSU... I will not miss you once I leave, because you are a serious pain in the rear!

Dear 1st Baby Appointment... Hurry up and get here! None of this feels real, and I feel like maybe you can help with that.

Dear Young Adults... I'm Psyched about bowling tonight! Maybe I won't fall asleep on you guys at the bowling alley while waiting for my turn.

Hope everyone has an AWESOME Friday!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

6 Weeks and OHP

Hello All!
Happy Hump Day!
Thank you Jesus that we are halfway through this week.
I am very much looking forward to the weekend.
So as of yesterday, I am six weeks pregnant!
Baby Dixon is...
The size of a Sweet pea!
The little sweet pea is circulating blood with it's, newly formed, circulatory system!
And at six weeks, Baby Dixon is sprouting eyes, nose chin, cheeks, and ears!

Sore breasts
Intense Smells (I smell everything!)
And just the tiniest bit of nausea
(no morning sickness, though, Thank God)
Sudden cravings
I thought cravings wouldn't come until later,
but the past week I had two sudden cravings, all from thinking/talking about it.
The first was Shirley Temples. I could taste it before even getting to the restaurant, and I rarely ever order me anything other than diet coke.
And the second was Chili, which I'm eating again today for lunch and tonight for supper! :)
Funny/Sweet Moments

I told my dad last week that Baby Dixon, at that time, was the size of an Appleseed.
So, now he has got it in his head that "Appleseed" is what he will be calling him.
I walked into the house yesterday and he says " How are you and my little Appleseed doing?"
I told him that technically the baby was the size of a sweet pea now.
He shook his head stubbornly and said, nope that's my Appleseed!
My dad is a mess

So I'll be linking up with Michelle from The Vintage Apple




Monday, February 18, 2013

5 for Five & Weekend Relish

Hey everyone!

I hope everyone is having a great Monday.
I had a test this morning, so I was studying all morning...which wasn't great.
However, the test is now over, and I can enjoy the rest of my day at work
And hopefully not fall asleep.

So, I've decided not to embarrass myself with all the red from my previous goals of last week.
 Last week wasn't a good week on making goals.
I've been totally wiped, thanks to the formation of Baby Dixon
Obviously, creating a kid inside of you is exhausting.
I'm finding that out.
I'm not going to bed at around 10 or 10:30 pm at night
(unusual for me)
and trying to sneak naps in during any day I can
which is normally on the weekend.

So I think I'll just be filling you in on my new goals for this week.
Ya know, clean slate and all
And then I'll share some pictures from my husband's birthday weekend.


 New Goals!

1. START going through desk
Maybe if I can just start it
I can actually finish it lol
2. Get my house in order
I have had no motivation to do anything
3. Eat more fruit and veggies
I need a high-fiber diet,
and I have no fresh veggies/fruit in the house 
4. Do something active AT LEAST 2x
I'm very proud of myself, because this was the only goal I completed last week
So I'll continue on with this one.
5.Crochet some more on my blanket
I want to finish this eventually...

That completes my goals for this week.

So here is a little preview of how my Saturday evening went...

Kisses for the B-day Boy

Bister and BIL at Red Lobster

B-rad G and Bister :)

My Twig man!

Yeah, she was talking with her hands hahaha

Me and my hubby!


Seriously massive bow on that hat, no joke!

Should have stuffed him in a car seat and buckled him in

Yes, he is riding a pony LOL


Friday, February 15, 2013

11 Weeks and Counting...

Nope, I'm not referring to Baby Dixon...this time.
Today, I'm counting down the weeks/days until this semester is over.
It hasn't been a super difficult semester so far,
more of a nuisance.
I'm tired of going to campus and spending over half an hour fighting for a parking space
to spend exactly an hour and fifteen minutes in a boring class.
I'm tired of the homework's and discussion boards from my online class
I'm tired of stupid professor's who don't give you a review,
but tell you to focus on the lecture outlines
which only has a million points on it
I'm tired of professor's who give you a test review video,
and then put questions on the exam that wasn't mentioned in said video at all.
I'm tired of the studying, the note cards, and the aching hands..
I'm T-totally, one hundred percent, without a doubt ready to be over with college...period!
People will say I will miss it.
I can say I miss TCC already, my community college,
but FSU?
I feel with absolute certainty that I can say I truly will NOT miss FSU.
I won't miss:
The campus,
the parking,
the classes,
the pain of trying to find classes for non-traditional students
The students (obnoxious, rude, and need a lesson in courtesy)
Nor will I miss the Nudity Competition
(do you really have to go to class in shorts so small that when you sit down your bare bottom is touching the seat... gross!!)
I'm not trying to be mean on that last point,
And if I lose follower because of this, well then I do
But I'm just saying that girls these days have no sense of self-respect or modesty,
and while these things may be "in fashion" I still don't want to sit on a seat that had your bare booty on it, okay?


The only good thing about being in college at the moment...
Is that it totally helped with my taxes...

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Project "Me"

I find it amazing how long it takes some people to truly get to know themselves.
I'm twenty-three, and I'm still having self-revelations.
Of course, I've only been a twenty-three married woman for a little over a year.
So I'm finding out new things about myself.
Some I like and some I really don't like.
I heard something from Joyce Meyer today that really made me think.
"You decide how you are going to live, and your feelings will eventually catch up with it later"
~Joyce Meyer

What decisions am I making in my life about myself and how is it affecting me, my life,  my relationships, my friendships, and how will it affect my kids?

I always remember being insecure.
I don't remember a time when I didn't call myself fat and didn't like anything something about myself.
The only time I remember being confident and competent was when I was on the ball-field playing softball. I rocked at being catcher and 1st baseman. That isn't conceit. I knew I was good and knew I could do my jobs there. Despite the fact I was one of the biggest girls on the field, despite the fact that I was also probably the shyest out there as well, I could play my positions and play them well.

How come I've never felt that way about myself outside 1st base or behind home plate?
How come I've never been satisfied with the way I look?
Why is it I get intimated about things I feel I am not good at?
Why do I constantly worry about what my husband thinks or depend on his approval?
What is so wrong with me, that for years, I've put myself down for one thing or another?

Nothing is wrong with me.

I read this quote and stuck it in my little journal...

"Sometimes the hardest person to impress is yourself"

How true this is.
Sometimes, we have this picture in our head of what we are supposed to be.
Sometimes, we get this picture in our heads that this is what our spouse wants us to be,
that they aren't satisfied with us as we are.

Whether or not they are, I'm realizing that I don't want to depend on my husbands approval,
which is how I've felt lately.
Not that I don't love my husband
Not that I don't want him to be attracted to me
Not that I don't want him to like the person I am
Not that I don't value his opinion
I just don't want to depend on this to make me happy and love myself.

So I'm starting a Project "Me"

Think of it like baking a cake

First I need to make the batter and bake the cake so I have a foundation.
I need to change my perspective on me.
I need to see me in a new light.
I need to accept things I can't change
And change those things I know I can
I need to approve of myself and depend on my own approval.

My conclusions of Myself...

1. I will never be a size two.
I just don't have the type of body that is made to be a size two
And that's OK.
There is nothing wrong with my size 8/10

2. I will always have things I don't like about myself
This shouldn't define me
or diminish how attractive I think I am.
It shouldn't diminish your attraction to your spouse either
If it does, this isn't your fault
He has the problem.
Because love shouldn't be based on how you look
After all, both husband and wife will grow old, turn gray, and have wrinkles.

3. Not everything is related to me
Some days it may feel like it
But as previously stated, the fault isn't always on you
Why do women (not all of us, but some) always initially think that because our spouse, said/done/whatever this, that its because we didn't do something right?
I'm not saying that us ladies never do anything wrong, I'm just saying it isn't always you or just you.

4. I'm not perfect
I make my own mistakes
I don't get the wrinkles out of the sheets before  bed
I get grumpy when I'm sleepy
I can be sensitive
I hate cleaning the bathroom
 I don't always put up my clothes after wearing them.
 And I have gained a few pounds over the past year
That doesn't make me a bad wife, it makes me a human.
It isn't a reason for someone to not love you,
It should be a reason they love you even more,
because then the two of you can be "not-perfect" together.

I recently told my husband that I didn't fall in love with him because of his perfection, physical or otherwise.
I fell in love with W.D, the man
His strengths and weaknesses
His past successes and failures
His stubbornness and mischief
For his smile, even when it isn't there...

Why shouldn't I just accept that he loves me the same,
even if I don't look like a VS Model
Even if my but looks big that pair of jeans,
Even if I don't have that flat, sleek tummy (are those real, they look plastic)
Even if I have bad hair/makeup days
Or on the days I don't wear makeup
With five extra pounds or subtracting five pounds
 And if he doesn't, should that really alter the way I see myself?

So why did I feel the need to say all of this?

Because I am pregnant, and while I'm super excited and love the idea of a little life coming from myself and the love of my life, my whole body is about to change.
I'll probably gain, if not half, than at least three-quarters of all the weight I'd lost when I was eighteen/nineteen.

Because my husband and I won't be twenty-something for forever, and I need to go ahead and accept that there will be changes physically in the future. I'll get wrinkles around my eyes, and my hair will turn gray, but that its OK. Because It shouldn't diminish my beauty towards someone who loves me, and it shouldn't diminish my self-worth to the point that I don't like myself.

Because I know I can't be the only one out there who worries about how they look to their spouse, what the future holds and what he'll think then, so maybe my slight embarrassment over this post will help someone else discover their own beauty, acceptance and self-worth.

I know this has been an extremely long post, and for that I apologize.
I hope in some way it has given you hope and encouragement as it has for me writing it.
I hope that when you get home, wake up in the morning, or just walk into the bathroom at work and see yourself, that you see something beautiful, something worth having, a treasure made up entirely of flaws and perfections, strengths and weaknesses.

My sister made this statement to me, and I'll end with it...

"There isn't a such thing as an ugly person...
That is just a word society came up with to define something that didn't meet their criteria"

Don't sweat not meeting their standards.
For them it is all about making you feel bad.
The worse you feel about yourself, the more you will try to "fix" yourself, which means more money for them.
You should make yourself feel good because the better you feel, the happier you are with your life,
And you only have one of those to live.

Have a beautiful Day! :)

Its OK

Hello Everyone!

I can't even begin to explain how thrilled I am that it is Thursday,
And there is only one more work day left (after today of course).

And it is also Valentine's Day,
which means I can bake a yummy cake and have a good excuse to eat it
(makes sense to me, anyways lol)

Today is also the day I'll give my husband his V-day/B-day gift.
Yes, he gets a little jipped because his Birthday and V-day are three days apart
But I think I did pretty good
(at least I'm hoping)

Its Ok Thursdays
It's OK
...To have one -or five- days where you really just don't want to get out of the bed
...That I had to leave church last night because I was so exhausted and could have fallen asleep
...That curling my hair this morning was a definite fail, so it's a messy bun kind of day
...That I've felt like an emotional, not so attractive wreck this week
...To wonder if I'll ever get over some things, and accept them.
...To sometimes want life to be a fairytale
...That I am ready to find out what the baby is already so I can start decorating the room
...To be best friends with your husband
...That I somehow managed this week to be happy, excited, scared, sad, mad, and anxious all in one day
...To literally debate for an hour whether or not to buy a book #smh
...To spend another hour writing a letter to my husband (Sometimes you just need to show them --actions speak louder than words-- how much you care)
What's OK on your Thursday?!
God Bless! :)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Oh How Pinteresting

Hello Everyone!

I actually woke up semi-rested this morning
That would be the first time in... I can't remember.
It probably has something to do with going to bed at like 10:30 last night.
I was so wiped that I nearly pulled a husband stunt and fell asleep on the couch.

But my sweet husband said, Why don't we go on to bed?
I agreed, though it was pretty tough to get up off that couch.
I almost made him carry me,
But decided I'd spare him the future back pain! LOL
Plus, our hallway is too narrow for that :)

So I'll be linking up with Michelle from The Vintage Apple


So, obviously, I'm obsessed with everything babies at the moment.
I'm sure you can understand why
And hope you can bear with me through my baby-fanatic phase

I'm obsessed with minions! :)

Source: via Rebekah on Pinterest

I so plan on going back to the place we got married and doing this! :)

If I have a boy, those stripes are mine I already forewarned my daddy (professional painter)  lol


And if it's a girl... I'll probably still stick with stripes Either way he will be painting them hehe

I loved this! :)

I'm not a fergie fan, but this was cute and funny!

Source: via Rebekah on Pinterest


Source: via Rebekah on Pinterest

I hope everyone has a great Wednesday!! 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

5 Week Rambles!

Hello All!
Thankfully, Monday is over!
I totally saved myself the trouble of fighting for a parking spot yesterday and ditched class.
It just seemed like too much work, and a waste of gas, to go watch a movie that I can see on Youtube.
Today I am Five weeks pregnant!!  
I really couldn't be more excited about that fact.
I thought it would be a good idea, starting this week, to start documenting.
Baby Dixon is...
The size of an Appleseed!
My little Appleseed is starting to form major organs
 (heart, stomach liver and kidneys)
(digestive, circulatory, and nervous)
In only five weeks! :)
Sore breasts
Weirdo dreams (already!)
Intense Smells...
I haven't been sick --Thank God-- just a little nauseous here and there
And I haven't had a smell make me sick,
but they are really intense.
Like yesterday at work, I'm in my office and all I could smell was burnt popcorn.
I don't know who had it, or where it was at...
But it smelled like someone had slapped it on my desk.
Then walking by the car/sporting goods section in Walmart...
I totally had to walk away.
It stunk to me lol
Funny/Sweet Moments
Remember how I mentioned I was emotional...
Well, my husband and I rented the Alex Cross movie last night with Tyler Perry,
And I'm not going to spoil it, but there was this part in there that was sad, and I totally cried.
And I'm not talking a silent tear or two,
I'm talking I boo hoo'd.
My hubby, Wade, thought it was amusing.
Another Funny...
My husband has got it in his head to call the baby Junior.
He wants a boy, and says that he is calling it Junior until we know the gender for sure.
I refuse to call my baby, that just might happen to be a girl, Junior.
I say Baby Dixon
It's an on going argument.
He has his followers and I have mine!
I've been, sort of, stressing the future changes to my body.
I'm sure all women have the fear of getting bigger, the irrevocable changes/marks/size,
and worry of what your husband will think of you when that time comes, and after the birth.
I'd been thinking about that, and even googled what people's husbands had thought about them during pregnancy, like whether they'd been disgusted, turned off, etc...
(I know, pathetic, but I did)
Well yesterday, my husband kind of put a lot of my worries to rest.
We were driving down the road, heading to stop by a middle school game where my BIL was working, and we started talking about the baby and the changes my body will make.
He said something about he couldn't wait until I started showing.
I was actually quite shocked by the statement.
I guess in my own mind, all I could think was baby or not, I'm going to be big and undesirable.
Of course, I am, very very slowly, starting to realize that my husband doesn't think the same way I do.
Nor does he see the same things I see.
So I ask him..
You are excited aren't you, about seeing the changes and the whole process of this.
He replied with an excited yes.
If he was lying, I would know. He isn't very good at it.
I don't know, it took off some of the pressure and worry
Now I feel like I can enjoy the changes in my body with him,
instead of freak out when the time comes.
Though, I may still do that a little anyways.
That is what is going on with me and Baby Dixon
I hope everyone has a great Tuesday!!

Monday, February 11, 2013

5 for Five

Hey everyone!

I hope everyone is having a better start to their Monday than I am so far.
I will be five weeks pregnant tomorrow, and I'm already super exhausted all the time.
I hope this doesn't last the entire nine months, or I'll be sleeping it away!

So pretty soon I'll be posting some pics from this past week to share.
My three little monkeys were down from Tennessee this weekend,
So I got to get a few pictures of them being silly!

Today I'm just going to be sharing my 5 for Five

 Let's take a look at last week's goals!


1. Call my Doctor...
I ended up doing this after I found out I was preggo!
8 week appointment is March 6th!
2. Decide on Birthday and Valentines gift for my husband.
I got this done Saturday! :)
3. Study for Management Test
I did this as well, but not as much as I needed to.
I was pretty distracted by baby things all week.
4. Go through the desk.
I haven't done this, but will definitely be getting on it!
5. Do something active at least 2x this week.
I was wiped all last week when I got home.
I actually started taking naps, which was something I wasn't doing a lot of lately,
But I guess I will be now. I still need to be active, though.

 New Goals!

1. Go through desk
I need to clean this out so I can put it in the shed.
My little room will be occupied in 9 months! :)
2. Sweep and Mop
My floors need a little TLC
3. Take my books back to the library
I think they are due in a day or two...
4. Do something active AT LEAST 2x
I've been tired all the time for the past week, but I really really want to stay active
5.Crochet some more on my blanket
I haven't done this in a few weeks... need to get back on it.

What are your goals for the week?

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Its Definitely OK!

Hello Everyone!

I'm so glad today is Thursday!
I've been MIA for a few days, because other things have taken priority
Like tests... which I didn't do very well on, but I'm not stressing it.
I've been a little distracted the past few days.

After all,
Finding out that in nine months your whole life will change is pretty distracting...
That's right!
We have a little baby Dixon on the way!
I'm so excited, scared, anxious, name it I feel it!
We got to tell my parents last night and he told his parents this morning...
I had this whole plan to tell my parents in a creative way, but I found I just couldn't wait!
I was bubbling to tell our parents...
After all, it was my dad telling me on my wedding night that I better have him a grandchild on the way by the next morning! HA-HA!
He's a mess.

I'm four weeks along right now and have my first appointment March 6th!

I've already found my favorite Baby website (The Bump)
And from what I read on there my baby is the size of a poppy seed!
Great things come in small sizes! :)

Its Ok Thursdays
It's OK
...That I took four pregnancy tests (just to be sure)
...That I have already scheduled my first baby appointment
...That my husband wants a little boy so he can teach him to pee behind the shed #smh
...That I have an amazing family and friends who are just as excited as I am.
...That I was too distracted by finding out I was pregnant to study as much as I needed to
...That I will probably be thinking and talking everything baby for a while
...That I already have so many ideas for Baby Dixon
...That I will probably drive my husband crazy in the months to come with those ideas

Monday, February 4, 2013

5 for Five

Happy Monday!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!
Mine wasn't long enough, by far,
But it was still very enjoyable.

I'm excited to say that I finally got my little room all cleaned up!
There are still a few things I want to do with it,
But it no longer looks like a complete junk room!

I'm also excited to say that I got a vacuum cleaner!
My mom found it at one the old apartments that my Sister's MIL manages,
And she let my mom take it for me.
It's old and hadn't been used for a long while and needed some TLC
Thankfully, I'm married to a Mr. Fix it!
It was one of the older, bag-less Bissell's that my husband coincidentally works on at his job.
So he takes it apart and cleans it all up and...
I now have a vacuum that I didn't have to pay for!

Thanks Mommy and Husband!
You guys are the best!

Today is our 5 for Five! Let's take a look at last week's goals!


1. Work out at least 3x
Yeah, I only worked out once...but Yay for working out once! It's Progress!
2. Call my doctor
I totally forgot to do this... *sigh*
3. Go through my top cabinets
I felt like this should have been green, even though I didn't do it. My reasoning is I cleaned my entire little room instead of doing my cabinets LOL.
4. Work on my blanket some more
Yeah, I didn't find time for this either. I was too busy trying to prepare for Young Adults Service and do school.
5. Drink only 3 thirst busters
I'm proud to say that I did really good during the work week, only drinking three...Then Friday night hit and I drank one extra one, but again...Progress! :)

So obviously, I didn't do too great this past week.
Better luck next week.

 New Goals!

1. Call my Doctor...
I for really need to do this!
2. Decide on Birthday and Valentines gift for my husband.
V-day is on the 14th, and his B-day is on the 17th...
3. Study for Management Test
It's Thursday, and I haven't even finished the review.. HELP!
4. Go through the desk.
Now that I've cleaned the desk off int he little room so you can see it, I now need to go through the drawers. I would rather do that than the cabinets. I'm putting them off for now LOL
5. Do something active at least 2x this week.
Since I got in some activity at least once last week, I'm pushing for two, since I can't seem to get to number three yet! ;)

Friday, February 1, 2013


You ever feel like you are being tested?
I'm definitely feeling that right now.
In fact, I feel as if my entire family is being tested right now.
I'm okay with that, though.
I don't have the words to say to make everything better.
I don't have the resources to give to fix the problem.
The only thing I have is my faith in the one who is still in control.
I know I've already made a post on Faith,
But when you are neck-deep in desperation, you might just need reminding.


It's funny that all of this is going on right now,
Because all week I've been studying Faith.
My thoughts were about being a "Faith"-Walker....
Hebrews 11:1 says...
Now Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.
A Faith walker continues to have Faith, even when the circumstances look down right gloomy and the solution doesn't seem to be out there.
Matthew 9:20-22 says...
And, behold, a woman, which was diseased with an issue of blood twelve years, came behind him, and touched the hem of his garment: For she said within herself, If I may but touch his garment, I shall be whole. But Jesus turned him about, and when he saw her, he said, Daughter, be of good comfort; thy faith hath made thee whole.
A Faith walker knows who their Savior is when all else fails.
Matthew 21:21 says...
Jesus answered and said unto them, Verily I say unto you, if ye have faith, and doubt not, ye shall not only do this which is done to the fig tree, but also if ye shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; it shall be done.
A Faith walker knows the power they have in Jesus Christ
Romans 5:1-2 says...
Therefore being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ: By whom also we have access by faith into this grace wherein we stand, and rejoice in hope of glory of God.
A Faith walker knows who's taking care of them, and therefore, has peace, even through the worst of storms.
A Faith walker knows they are covered by his Grace, meaning the rain may come, but you have an umbrella shielding you from the worst of it.
Ephesians 3:12 says...
In whom we have boldness and access with confidence by the faith of him.
A Faith walker has confidence in the God whom he serves.
Life can be hard, and sometimes you will feel as if there is no hope.
However, God's word tells us that...
All things work together work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose... ~Romans 8:28
Times are tough, and it's okay to feel down about them
But never forget who has your back
Never forget who is in control of all things
Never forget who to run to
God has a purpose and plan for everything...