Tuesday, September 9, 2014

It's All About the Balance

It has been forever, since I've been on my blog. Nearly a year to be exact. Sad I know, but apparently, life happens, and you end up trying to find a new balance. Like right now, I should be doing school work, since I am still working on getting my Bachelor's degree. Except, my baby girl is still up. At this very moment she is crying in her crib, because she has already drank all of her bottle (for the second time) and is refusing to go to sleep, though she is tired. 

Needless to say, my school work isn't getting done. It is hard enough to focus on textbook jargon  when it is quiet, much less when your baby is crying and you are fighting the internal battle being waged of whether or not you should go give in and just rock her to sleep, or let her realize that it is okay for her to go to sleep by herself... without mommy. It is a battle I fight regularly... again... balance. 

Being a Mommy, Wife, Student, etc. is all about balance. After six years of college, three years of marriage, and one year of being a mommy, I have yet to really find it. 

That is okay, though. I am slowly learning. Thankfully, I've had help throughout the process. I'm not sure what I would have done without a very supportive husband and family. 

To all of you mommies who are just trying to manage life and trying to find that right balance... keep your head up. Sometimes the beauty of life is in the madness of it all. 

FYI... I lost the battle and rocked my baby to sleep... there's always tomorrow for her to learn ;)