Monday, April 29, 2013

5 for Five

Good Monday Morning People!

I know I'm being totally optimistic when I say that,
but hey, better than being a Debbie downer.

I hope everyone had a super great weekend!
Mine was pretty good, despite my absent husband.
First week at a new job and he gets asked to be on call the first weekend...
and worked every day of said weekend.

He was gone so much last week that I made a tiny little joke about feeling single again....
Needless to say, he didn't find it as funny as I did LOL (oops)

I did enjoy my Friday and Saturday, though.
I spent two days at the springs and actually got some color...
Red is a color, right? ;)
So I kind of looked like a lobster, but my white-self hasn't had much time to soak in the sun,
so I was expecting that kind of result.

Surprisingly, I'm ready to jump into this week!
I have a few things I want to get done, cleaning-wise.
My Doctor's appointment is Wednesday (Yay!!)..
And putting this week behind me means I'm one week closer to finding out what my baby is,
and going on a little mini-vacation with my husband!
Sooo excited!

With all of that said, let us get started with 5 for Five!



Last Weeks Goals

1. Go Grocery Shopping

2. Finish Final Dashboard Project and turn in

3. Wash Clothes 

4. Do something active AT LEAST 3x
5.Move the Husbands shoes into the bedroom

4 out of 5 again!
Not too shabby! :)

New Goals

1. Clean Bathroom
2. Finish Photo Essay

3. Work on my Crochet
4. Do something active AT LEAST 3x

5. Move the Husbands shoes into the bedroom


What goals do you want to accomplish this week?!

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

It's OK Rambles

Happy Thursday!

I hope everyone has had a good week so far!
Only one more day (after getting through today) and we are weekend bound!
I do believe my weekend will start tomorrow, though!
I'm taking off since today is my Birthday!

I will just be glad that this week will be over!
Between trying to finish up the semester and my husband's new job,
it has been one strange week.

You know when you are getting old, when you forget that this is your birthday week.
Totally did hit me yesterday afternoon
 while I was taking a walk with a few colleagues,
that the next day would be my birthday!

What is sad is that I'm more excited about my next baby appointment coming up this Wednesday than I am about my birthday being today lol.


Today I'll be linking up for Its OK!
Its Ok Thursdays
It's OK
...To be slightly worried about what the future may hold
...That I am already talking to my little Appleseed like he or she is in my arms
...To be broke on your birthday
...To wish that I was at the beach today instead of work
...To wish the next two weeks would fly by so I could find out what the gender is for Appleseed
...To already want more food and it's only 9 a.m.
...That I somehow got makeup on my dress this morning :p
...That I want a big fat diet coke right now
...That I can't wait for me and my husband's mini-vacation to Destin
...To cry at the message my dad sent me this morning #DaddysGirl
...To smile when your husband tells you happy birthday in about every way he can (face-to-face, text, FB)... I have the best husband
...To miss those days when birthdays were still a big deal (I think it ended at 21 LOL)
...To look forward to 25 (1 year away still) only because I'm pretty sure your insurance drops a little (because you are supposed to be getting older and more responsible...Yay me)
...That I could come up with a million things that are OK today, but I'll stop.
Hope you guys have a great day!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Random OHP

Hello Everyone!
I woke up this morning thinking it was Thursday....
total bummer!
However, it cheered me up when I think about how Wednesday is better than Tuesday!
So I missed out on my usual blog post yesterday,
because I was busting my tail to knock out 1 of the 2 projects that I had due!
Thankfully I finished the project and dropped it off, so that I can I am 100% finished with that class!
One assignment left!
I always get giddy at the end of the semester....
Probably because the weight of that class and the grade for it are no longer on my shoulder!
I can't wait until I finish my next project and turn it in,
so that I have to worry no more on stupid school for a while!
So I have missed the past two weeks of this link-up,
which is sad because it is one of my favorites! So here we go! :)

Monday, April 22, 2013

Multi-tasker Venting...

The definition of Multi-tasking...
Studying for a test,
while coming up with a grocery list,
while renewing your vehicle tag,
while looking up recipe's,
while checking emails,
while taking a quiz...
Now if only I could figure out how to do all of this while taking a nap!!!
..............................................Warning: Severe Venting..................................................
Grocery lists are the bane of my existence!
Coming up with meals, not just for dinner, but for my husband and I to take to lunch
are also the bane of my existence.
I tried googling "ideas for lunch"...
I got a bunch of recipe's that would put a hurting on my wallet,
not to mention my time.
I wish I was one of these wives that nailed down the whole "healthy" meals.
But I'm just not.
Sure... I want the healthy (or at least semi-healthy),
but I want a semi/healthy meal that doesn't take me an entire night to prepare an fifty ingredients.
Can I get an Amen?!
...................................................End Venting................................................
Cheers to all of my fellow Wives who despise grocery-(menus, lists, shopping, etc)!

5 for Five

Hello Everyone!

I'm excited about today for one reason alone...
It marks the end of this semester!

Today I'll be studying for my last test in my Management class,
tomorrow I'll be finishing a project for the same class,
and the rest of the week will be dedicated to a Photo Essay that is due next week!

And then I will officially put a "The End" to this semester!

Though, I feel like a zombie today from lack of sleep,
I'm in a pretty good mood.
I had a great weekend!

Friday night I went shopping with my sister and 9 year old niece for clothes.
I got two cute skirts and shirts that actually fit!
(Thanks Sissy for the help!!)

Saturday was probably one of the most relaxing days my husband and I have had in a long while...
We got to sleep in, together, for the first time in... well I can't remember.
Then we ate a late brunch at the Waffle House (his choice, but still pretty good).
We hit up a nice little consignment boutique to find him a few clothes,
and the mall to get him some new flip flops for our Destin trip.
We ate lunch with my daddy at my parents house,
and after a good hour nap for me, we went fishing.
We didn't catch anything, but we had a blast anyways.
Supper consisted of the Dinner Box from Pizza Hut so I could get my hot wings I've been wanting!
(I have the best husband ever!)
The only downside to Saturday was the fact that it ended with homework I'd been putting off,
but it got finished!

That was the low-down on my terrific Saturday!
I hope you guys all had a great Saturday as well!

Now onto my 5 for Five



Last Weeks Goals

1. Wash clothes...Again! 

2. Watch Gattaca for Writing Assignment Wednesday

3. Finish Study Guide for Test 

4. Do something active AT LEAST 3x
5.Move the Husbands shoes into the bedroom

4 our of 5... the best I've done in a while! :)
New Goals

1. Go Grocery Shopping
2. Finish Dashboard Project and Turn in
3. Wash Clothes (never ending)
4. Do something active AT LEAST 3x
5. Move the Husbands shoes into the bedroom


What goals do you want to accomplish this week?!

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Bump Ahead!

It's Tuesday!
That means one day closer to Friday,
where Saturday I can sleep in!
My husband thought he was being cute this morning when he woke me up by removing my sheet from around me. He also thought he was being cute when he was all smiley and happy and just B-boppin' around the kitchen and bedroom.
Have I mentioned I'm not a morning person?
I'm a complete zombie in the morning,
something he felt the need to point out today.
Anyways, I'm getting side-tracked.
Today I am officially over my first Trimester!
Week 14 is here!
Appleseed is now the size of a Lemon!
I felt Appleseed move for the first time yesterday!!!
It was the coolest (and weirdest) thing I've ever felt.
I was actually sitting with my sister and mom and was
 staring out in space concentrating, and had to ask them
because I wasn't quite sure what that feeling was.
It wasn't a pain of any sort, just like almost rubbing the inside of my tummy!
Not much has changed in the craving department;
I still want any starchy food with meat.
Like right now I'm dying (once more) for pizza from the Mellow Mushroom! #smh
I'm not really craving sweet stuff, though I do eat them every now and then.
As far as the rest of the pregnancy symptoms,
I've been feeling pretty darn good!
My tummy has only felt icky once in the last week or so,
and I haven't been completely exhausted to where I feel like I may do a face plant in my dinner.
Four weeks left and we get to find out what little Appleseed is!
So don't forget to vote, if you haven't already.
 (on the right under the follow me tab)
Here are pics from my husband and I on Sunday! :)

Also, I nearly broke down over the weekend and bought something for the baby,
even though I don't know what gender it is yet.
But I seen the cutest little John Deere Boots for infants at a store in Tifton, Ga.
John Deere Infants' Johnny Poppers Boots
How stinkin' cute are those!
They also have them in I'm thinking either way I'll be buying my little Appleseed a pair of boots! :)
I know I've been all over the place in this post, but I hope you enjoyed my crazy, everywhere post anyways! Have a great day!

Monday, April 15, 2013

5 for Five

Good Morning!!

I would say Happy Monday,
but I would be lying.
I don't really find Monday's happy.

I  fell asleep last night in a weird mood,
after asking my husband a question and
not really getting the answer I was hoping for.

It made me realize a few things...

1. How much things change...
I wish they didn't, honestly.
I mean I know there are things that have to change,
but I was hoping that one or two things would stay the same,
and I am realizing that they won't.

2. I depend too much on his answers...
I love my husband and his opinions matter,
but maybe they matter too much sometimes.
I am pretty sure that I need to start depending more on my own.

I'm slowly coming to the conclusion that
 I need to just start doing some things for me
and no one else.
Because the opinions of others about my person are likely to change one day.
My opinions of myself need to stay the same no matter what.

So enough of my blabbering!
Onto My Goals!



Last Weeks Goals

The hubby and I split this goal again,
so it got done! :)

2. Finish Washing Clothes
I got this done as well!
But it is already time to do it again! :p

3. Start on Dashboard Project
I definitely didn't do this...#MeSlacker
4. Do something active AT LEAST 2x
I done this, though! Yay me!
5.Straighten up underneath bathroom sink
I meant to, but it just never happened

New Goals

1. Wash clothes...Again!
I hate laundry!.
2. Watch Gattaca for Writing Assignment Wednesday
This is a must!!!
3. Finish Study Guide for Test
Test Next Tuesday (last one, yay!)
4. Do something active AT LEAST 3x
Bump it to three and continue on doing this!
5.Move the Husbands shoes into the bedroom
It will be one less thing to do when we start decorating the baby room

What goals do you want to accomplish this week?!

Oh and don't forget to Vote on What little Appleseed will be!! 
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Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday Letter Rambles

Hello Everyone!
Today totally feels like a Monday for me.
I had to take off early Wednesday to go to my great-grandmother's viewing,
and then off Thursday for the funeral.
Both of those days felt like a Friday and Saturday,
which in turn has scattered my brain into thinking it was Monday.
I know, crazy right?
Thankfully once I get off, I'll be back on track that it's Friday,
and tomorrow is Saturday...
I'm rambling I know...
I hope everyone is having a great Friday morning...
I, honestly, would rather still be in the bed, snuggled up to my husband who took off today.
But oh well...

Oh and just in case you guys didn't know,
I find out what the baby is on May 13th.
Karla from Forever Newly Wedded suggested I do a poll  to see what everyone else thinks the gender will be!
(Thanks Karla...such a great idea)

I have it posted on the right, under the Follow me Tab, so vote on what gender you think little Appleseed will be! :)

Dear God... Thank you for my wonderful family. I couldn't have asked for better.
Dear Husband... I loved that you laid your head on my tummy trying to "hear" the baby. You are so stinking cute!
Dear Appleseed... I can't wait to find out what you are. There is an argument on whether you will be a boy or girl, and I just can't wait to see who will be right. Also, I'm so excited to feel you move!
Dear Adulthood... You and your bills suck!
Dear Twig... You cannot feed my daughter (if that is what she is) Reese cups all the time. They aren't good for you (though I do love them)
Dear Mom... Thanks for helping me eat right today. I went from a lean cuisine meal to pizza. LOL
Dear Sister... We need a girls day (maybe a HP Marathon day with Polyjuice Potion Punch YUM!)
Dear Besties... We don't see each other nearly enough. I don't like it.
Dear Bloggers... I seriously enjoy reading your blogs. You guys are awesome!
Dear Self... You are blessed beyond measure. Never get so caught up in the negatives that you can't see how wonderful everything truly is. From your husband to your now working car, from your parents to your growing Appleseed... Life is good.
Love all of you guys,
Have a great and safe weekend!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Time For Remembering

Hello Everyone...
I hope this post finds each one of you happy on this day.
After all, why shouldn't you be happy?
I am sure each of us could find something to complain about...
Work, Co-workers, Bills, Finances, etc.
However, if I always focused on finding something that is wrong,
I would always be depressed.
Some days, it just doesn't seem like such a big deal.
On weeks like this week, all the "going wrongs" seems pretty minuscule.
Sometimes, we have to be reminded how blessed we are.
On Monday, heaven's gates opened to accept one more special person.
Most people might have known her by a different name,
but I just called her Grandma Steele.
So today, when normally I would go about my normal routine,
I find myself remembering.
Yes, I'm sad that she is gone.
And yet I find myself smiling.
She lived to be a hundred, a legacy in itself.
And, though she is no longer with us here on earth, I find myself reliving memories...
I remember croquet and honey suckle bushes.
My cousins and I would pick the honey suckle off the bushes and taste it,
then move on to playing a game of croquet in her yard.
I remember all of the neat things in her house and all the stories that went along with them.
I remember when my dad bought her the Tigger that sang the Tigger song.
She thought it was the best thing.
Most of all,
I remember her laughter.
It was an infectious laughter,
and every time she would get to going,
you couldn't help but laugh along with her.
Her joy in things was absolutely contagious.
She might not be with us in body anymore,
but her memory remains with those left here on earth.
My Daddy wrote a song a long time ago,
and sang it at my best friends Grandmother's funeral,
and for some reason I thought of it...
You took a left, so take a right.
Go straight ahead, follow the light.
And at the end, you'll hear Him say,
Well done my Child, you found the way.
You fought the fight
You kept the faith.
Child you run home, you won the race.
Receive your crown, and your robe of white.
And enter in to eternal life.
Welcome home, Grandma.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

13 Week Appleseed

I'm having a rough morning, so bear with me if my writing reads as draggy as I feel.
For the past two nights, I've been unable to get comfortable, I've tossed and turned, I've woken up fifty million times, either because I'm hot, my husband is hogging the bed, I have to use the restroom, or for any reason at all, because obviously my body just feels the need to wake me up.
Last night was the worst, I do believe.
I had an emotional night, after long evening with an aching head. Add in the restless night, and the results were a sleepy, puffy-eyed baby mama.
So here I am, at work, trying to push through the exhaustion and make it until 4:15 when I go and get my baby daddy... Pray I don't fall asleep on my desk!
Anyways, today marks 13 weeks for me and little Appleseed. Which means, one more week and I'm officially over my first trimester! Yay! I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am about that.
This means that in five weeks I get to find out whether or not Baby Dixon is a he or she!
At 13 weeks, little Appleseed has grown to the size of a peach!
Right now he/she is forming vocal chords and teeth and already has fingerprints
Mama, on the otherhand, is eating like crazy.
Now that the nausea is gone (mostly), I'm feeling like I just want to eat everything!
Honestly, though I enjoy some sweets, it isn't what I've been craving.
I've been wanting more salty foods and fruits.
The only sweet thing I've been craving, and have eaten every morning (terrible) is Brown Sugar Cinnamon Poptarts!!
Other than that, I ate an entire carton of Strawberries right by myself at work yesterday.
Then, when I got home, I made French Onion dip with a left over pack of Liption Onion Soup Mix, and munched on some chips and dip with my sandwich.
At least I'm keeping it balanced, right?
Fruit and Chips!
What are/were some things you were craving during your pregnancy?

Monday, April 8, 2013

5 for Five

Hey Y'all!

It is Monday once more,
which means early hours, alarm clocks, work, school...
What am I talking about?!?1
I still done all of those this weekend!

Despite the stupid alarm clock going off, the work, and studying for a test,
I still had a wonderful weekend.

Some people from our church, as well as my mom and I,
went over Saturday and cleaned up my memaw and papaw's yard.
Was it yucky work....yes.
Did I still enjoy it... absolutely.
We have some pretty amazing people at our church,
and I'm so very blessed to have met them and gotten to know them.

Also, my husband and I, finally got to go on a date Friday night!
We hit up Chili's, so he could get his Texas Fries and I got a burger..
(I know, so unhealthy, but it was good)
And then we hit up a few places, looking for me some clothes,
because, mine are no longer fitting, thanks to my growing little Appleseed.

My husband bought me this cute dress!

It's super comfy !!
Afterwards, we hit up the movie theatre,
and watching Hansel and Gretel-Witch Hunters...
It was such a weird movie, I won't lie,
and one I probably won't ever watch again,
but we still had a blast!
I've already spent too much time on this blog.
I took a break from studying and decided to post, but I really need to hurry
and get back to studying..
So onto my 5 for Five.


Last Weeks Goals

1. Study for my last Theory Test
I've been doing this since Saturday!
2. Clean Bathroom
I was GOING to do this Thursday, but something came up,
and I just haven't made a moment to since then... ugh!
Vacuum and Polish
I actually did this Monday night,
after I posted my goals!
4. Do something active AT LEAST 2x
I think I actually only got to walk once last week...
better luck this week!
5.Go through my darn shoes!
Yay! I did this!

New Goals

I am usually pretty good about doing this once a week,
but I slacked last week.
2. Finish Washing Clothes
I slacked on this last week as well.
3. Start on Dashboard Project
4. Do something active AT LEAST 2x
I will do this!
5.Straighten up underneath bathroom sink
Definitely needs to be done

What goals do you want to accomplish this week?!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

I Guess Its OK

Hey Everyone!

I can honestly say that today I wasn't sure if I would make it out of the bed.
Last night was a rough night.
I couldn't get comfortable for some reason, tossed and turned, and woke up a gazillion times!!
So when my husband came in and turned the light on, telling me it was time to get up,
I thought I might do murder.

Fortunately, he made it out alive, and I got up.
However, I've been a zombie since then, and I don't foresee it getting any better with time.

Yesterday I had my second appointment for Appleseed.
My wonderful mommy went with me this time, instead of my husband.
We got to hear the heartbeat, which was my second time,
and it was no less exciting than the first.
I recorded a video just to get the heartbeat in it so I could send it to my hubby, daddy, and sister...

The little "thunks" you hear in the video was my little Appleseed moving around!
I thought it was sooo cool!

While I was there I scheduled my next four week, formal appointment and my ultrasound
where I can find out what the baby is!
Only six weeks to go before we know!

I was told by my doctor (whom I love), to check out the Chinese Birth Chart,
and I may do that and all the Myth predictors just for fun before we officially find out...

Today I'll be linking up for Its OK!
Its Ok Thursdays
It's OK
...To feel like the Walking Dead this morning.
...To want to go back to sleep.
...To not want to study for my test on Monday
...To want more days to sleep in as a present for my birthday
...To wonder who came up with being at work early in the first place (they should be thrown to the Walkers for their stupidity)
...To have sweet dreams about taking a sledge hammer to my alarm clock
...That I've been thinking that I need to take the light bulb out in our bedroom after my husband goes to sleep, that way in the morning when he goes to turn on the light... VOILA!
...That I for real started to smile thinking about doing just that
...That I didn't have anything to bring to lunch, besides chips (that's just sad)
...That I guess I'm going to have to go and grab something cheap
...That I really want the Buffalo Chicken pizza from the Mellow Mushroom
...To consider robbing a bank (or a pizza delivery guy lol)
What's OK for you today?

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Oh How Pinteresting

Hello All!

I hope everyone is having a great Wednesday so far!
I am at work for only half a day today, because I have my second baby appointment!

So, this past week my husband and I have been talking about the future.
Plans for buying a home, needing a new car...(eventually), the baby, etc.
And I'm finding that I am in no hurry.

Yes, I can't wait for he and I to actually start putting money into a home we will actually own.
Right now we are just renting a trailer.
Yes, it is kind of small, and we don't have a lot of space for storage or anything really.
The truth is... I'm ok with that.

I love our little home (rented or not), because it is ours.
Its the place I long to get back to after a long day of work, or a few days of vacationing or visiting.
It is the place that snuggle together on the couch, and tickle each other until we can't breathe,
and it is the place we will take our first child home to.

I know it would be easy for us to jump into something, like buying a home, right now.
But I have a feeling that God has something in store for us, we just have to patiently wait,
and let him open the right doors.
We will know when he does.

So for now, I'm content with our little home, one vehicle paid off, and one nearly so,
and our little Appleseed with his or her tiny closet nursery.
You don't need a whole lot to be happy, the rest will work itself out.

With that said, it is time for OHP!!

 I'll be linking up with Michelle from The Vintage Apple




Source: via Rebekah on Pinterest

Source: via Rebekah on Pinterest

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Appleseed Anyone?

Hello Everyone!
Today is Tuesday...



Appleseed is 12 weeks!
This means that he or she is the size of a plum
I know it is kind of redundant, calling my baby Appleseed, while it is the size of a plum,
however, Appleseed has officially stuck, as I've mentioned previously.
Here are some things going on with my little Appleseed now...
Most of his/her critical systems are fully formed.
He/She is entering the growth and maturation stage,
in which her organs and tissues will grow and develop rapidly.
He/She is developing her reflexes.
He/She is opening and closing fingers and curling toes.
His/Her brain is developing super fast.
I'm so excited about Baby Dixon and cannot wait until we find out if it is a he or she!!
Tomorrow is my second appointment, hopefully they will let me know then when we can find out!
I've been told that I need to have a reveal party for just my family...
I think it is just my sister's way of wanting to plan something hahaha
(Love you bister!)
However, I have given it some thought and looked up some fun, creative ways to reveal the gender...


Anyone have any other ideas on cute, creative ways to reveal the gender of your baby?

Monday, April 1, 2013

5 for Five

Hey Y'all!

Happy Monday!!
I hope everyone is having a good morning, so far.

I don't know about any of you,
but March had been a draggy, tough month,
and I'm suuppeerr happy to see the end of it.
Now it is onto my Birthday month, which I'll obviously have to celebrate in May,
because we have so much crap going on this month LOL.

Oh well, it is all a part of life I guess.
I am thrilled to say that I feel pretty good this morning.
I mean, don't get me wrong, I definitely could have slept a few more hours,
but other than that I feel pretty dang good.

This week I'll be 12 weeks, which means only one more week of this blood first trimester.
I probably shouldn't say it like that, but I'll be honest and say I won't miss it.
I will be super glad that it is over.

With that said,
I am going to move into a link-up that I've been skipping out on the past few weeks...


I didn't do the link up last week so I have no previous goals to share with you...
Therefore, onto the New goals.

1. Study for my last Theory Test
It is next Monday, and I need to do really well on it
2. Clean Bathroom
It definitely needs it!
Vaccum and Polish
Way over due for this...
4. Do something active AT LEAST 2x
I've still been walking with some people from work,
so I'm going to stick to this...
5.Go through my darn shoes!
Must Do!

What goals do you want to accomplish this week?!