Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Marriage License... Near Miss.

 Yesterday my fiance and I went to get our marriage license. For those of you who aren't aware, you pay extra if you haven't had the marriage counseling with a completion form filled out by your REGISTERED Minister. Having a fear that our license was going to be close to a hundred and fifty dollars without that form, we went in to the Clerk of Courts.

Just an FYI... these people aren't very friendly unless you give them a reason to be. In other words, they are just plain rude.

So we go in there under the impression that these people will give us a form for our registered minister to sign, which isn't the case. She tells us that it is the minister's job to give the paper, signed by him, they can't give us one. On the other hand our minister was under the impression that they gave us one to give to him to sign and we would take it back. FIASCO!

With the Clerk of Courts closing at 5 pm, and it already being after 3, we knew there was no way we would be able to get it all done, so we just went back and paid the ninety-three dollars and some change to get our marriage license.

By the time we finished I was frustrated but relieved that it was only the ninety-something when we were told it was so much more. On top of that, I cannot stand rude people. So having a rude lady who could be made of stone she is so emotionless, really rubbed me the wrong way, especially when she told me that MY minister wasn't registered. It was nice to prove her wrong! We made her call Wakulla to check. :P