Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Slacker Much?

Yep that's me... a slacker. 

I totally slacked last week on my blogging. It was just one of those weeks, where I had no motivation to do anything, and when I say anything, I mean ANY-THING! Only two days our of an entire week did I work on things that needed to be done at home; Tuesday and Saturday. That was it. Otherwise I was sleeping, going to church, or laying on the couch waiting until it was a decent time to go to sleep (like at least after 9 o'clock). 

I'm still lacking a lot of motivation. It is getting harder and harder to get up to go to work, to not want to lay down and sleep on the floor while I'm at work, and to not go to bed as soon as I get home or do nothing the entire night until I can go to bed. 

The exciting thing is... that with each slacker day I have that goes by, the closer I get until I have my little Appleseed, who feels more like a bowling ball now. I can't wait to have her in my arms! 

With that said, here is a little glimpse from my baby shower that my Mommy and Sister threw for me the weekend before last...

I loved how my mom and sister incorporated Addison's very first nickname, "Appleseed", into the the decor and food! They had an Apple Bar, with Apple slices, melted milk and white chocolate, caramel, peanuts, coconut...etc. It was so cute! I loved the mason jars with the chevron straws and my totally awesome "preggo" cake! The top right picture were all the pregnant gal's at my shower...yes that made five pregnant woman, though I actually know quite a few more who are pregnant as well... 

I had the best time and was truly blessed by all the people who showed up and gave such wonderful gifts! I wanted to take a picture of a lot of things to share with you guys, but there was so many things that I decided against it! Though I will show you the picture I have of my diaper bag from my Memaw!

Yes.... it is a Vera Bradley Diaper bag. And sadly it is the only Vera Bradley thing I own, other than a VB wallet that I paid $10 for at a consignment shop. My memaw gave me a gift card to The Grey Fox to go pick out a VB diaper bag that I liked. I truly have the best grandparents. There was enough on the card to get me the diaper bag and a hair tools travel case! The bonus is.... once Addy doesn't need this anymore I can so use it for an overnight bag or whatever myself! :)

My dad made me laugh when he said he couldn't wait to see Wade carrying that thing HA-HA! My husband then decided that he would carry Addison and I could carry the diaper bag. Oh men... gotta love them! 

To continue on the baby theme of my slacker post (makes a lot of sense right? lol)... Our Maternity pictures are this Saturday! I'm so excited and have been wracking my brain and scouring google and Pinterest for ideas. My cousin, Erin (also pregnant and who done my Wedding pictures) will be coming back into town to do them at the same place Wade and I got married ... Shiloh Farms.

So anyways....that's been the last few weeks and a precursor to my coming up weekend! I know I'm a slacker at the moment, but I have promised myself to try and do better... somehow I need to self-motivate. Not sure how at the moment, but I'm working on it! Hope you guys have a happy Tuesday! :)

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  1. We all slack on blogging sometimes (well, at least most of us!) No worries! I LOVE the baby shower cake. SO adorable!