Monday, February 10, 2014

This and That

So I've been pretty much out of the blogger world since October, other than the letter to my  mom that I wrote a few days ago. I must say I have missed it. There are times you just need an outlet, whether a creative one, a venting one, an FYI one... whatever the case, sometimes you just need somewhere to let it all out. At least I do.
I couldn't possibly catch everyone up on all that has happened since my hiatus. So I won't even try. Better to just start fresh.
My day has consisted, mostly, of this little monkey.

Yes, I am the mother of a four month old -as of this coming Friday-, and Yes... she has found her toes. LOL
It is so funny watching her chew on her own little toesies! 

Addison and mommy
At the moment, I should be doing  some school work for my online classes. My brain is fried, though. Today has been long, so I'm pushing it off until tomorrow. Maybe I'll be able to work on it in between naps for my baby girl. It doesn't help that nap times only last about thirty to forty-five minutes at a time. She takes after her mommy. Mommy didn't like naps, either.
On top of entertaining my demanding little diva, I was working on a grocery list.

Yes, I coupon! Since I quit my  job to stay at home with Addison, our grocery budget is down to $60 a week. That includes, food, cleaning products, personal products, baby products, etc. When I'm going big on diapers, I usually exclude that out of my weekly budget. Needless to say, it is challenging to keep under $60, but I manage, for the most part. Shopping sales, and using those little babies has helped me keep my budget tremendously! I even managed to get two All Free and Clear laundry detergent for free a few weeks ago.
My husband told me tonight that he had told some of his co-workers at work that our grocery bill was sixty a week and they were impressed. I won't lie... it made me feel pretty good. Some days you just want to feel like you can do something right, when  you feel like you do everything else wrong.
The highlight of my day, other than watching my princess rolling from her back to her tummy constantly, was my Temptations dishes that I received from UPS this afternoon. My grandmother got sick of hearing me and my sister fight over who was getting her set, so she bought each of us our own set. I have the best grandmother, I swear it.
Aren't they gorgeous?!? I can't wait to put these babies to good use! Now I just have to clean out a cabinet to put them in... Dun... Dun.... Dunnn!
I hope everyone had a happy Monday! :)


  1. So good to see you back!!! Your baby girl is just precious!!

    I'm really jealous that you manage to keep your grocery bill down to $60 a week. You seriously HAVE to tell me how you do that!! I'm almost embarrassed to tell you what we spend =/ Eating healthy is expensive, even though you feel like you eat less!

    Those dishes are GORGEOUS. I want!

  2. Hiii!!! So glad to see you & your baby girl are doing well! What a beautiful girl! She is so gorgeous! And I love her name!

    Kuddos to you and the couponing! I've tried that & you need so much patience for it, so I commend you!

    LOOVE the dishes!