Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Dear Mom,

Dear Mom,

It is the end of another day, and instead of doing school, like I should be doing, I find myself writing you this letter instead.

At this moment, my own baby girl -who has already woke up three times since eight o'clock- is snuggled in her little bed asleep. It has reached that time in the day that, no matter how rewarding being a stay at home mother is, I am glad my little angel is asleep. So while she is sleeping, for the moment, I just want to take the time to thank you.

I never really understood what being a mother was. Yes, I heard about it, the rewards and downsides, and yet it never really hits you until you are a full time stay at home mom yourself. Now, though, I know first hand.

I know now that the first few months of my own life, you probably didn't get much sleep either. There were days you probably just wanted to give the "time out" signal and take five, or ten, or an hour, and you probably felt bad about feeling that way, too. You probably felt like a human bottle and pacifier, if I was indeed as bad as you say I was with breastfeeding. Again... I know first hand how you feel now, and apologize for not taking a bottle.

You probably felt like a human burp-rag, a professional diaper changer, and a hobo some days from not having the time to fix your own hair. Between baby duties, house duties, and wifely duties, I can imagine that most days you felt lucky to have ten minutes of uninterrupted shower time.

I know I already said thank you, but I feel it is necessary to say it again.... Thanks Mom.

Thank you for the time you spent caring for me. For changing my diaper. Holding me when I cried. For playing "peek-a-boo". For the stories you read, the songs you sang, and the silly noises you made up hoping it would stop me from fussing. Thank you for the hours -if I was anything like Addy- you spent trying to get me to sleep... and to keep me asleep. Thank you for the feedings, the interrupted "me" time, and for doing it day after day.

As a stay-at-home-mom now, I can tell you that you job was taken way too lightly. You made sure we were taken care of, the house was clean (or as clean as you could keep it that day), that supper was on the table for dad, and then made sure you spent QT with him as well. You are one amazing woman, and I pray every day to be the mother and wife that you are.

I love you so much.

Thanks again,

-Your Daughter

My 3 month old... Addison Emmalee

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